Georgia Red Lager

Georgia Red Lager

German-Hopped Red Lager   |   5.4% Alc/Vol   |   35 IBU

The German word lager refers to a bottom-fermented beer that is cold stored, or lagered, after the fermentation process. Our Georgia Red Lager is an innovative blend of new hope varietals with an amber hue reminiscent of Georgia clay.

Georgia Red Lager is the creation of our Head Brewmaster, Ben Ludwig.

Georgia Red Lager is made with Pilsner, Cara Amber, Cara Munich 2 and Carafa 3 malts; Hallertau Merkur, Polaris, Hallertau Blanc and Mandarina Bavaria hops; and Lager yeast.

Our Georgia Red Lager pairs well with foods that have a strong flavor, such as barbecue, seasoned chicken and spicy food. Georgia Red’s caramel notes also make it a nice complement for pizza and fried or smoked food.