Our Beer


German-Style Beer, Southern Roots

Tucker Brewing Company seeks to brew quality beer with respect for German brewing tradition while at the same time staying true to our Southern roots. Many, though not all, of our beers are German in style and ingredients. Below you will find our current beer offerings. Come back soon – and follow us on social media – to find out about our upcoming seasonal beers.


TKR Pilsner

Pilsner | 5.0% Alc/Vol | 25-30 IBU

This classic pale lager became a worldwide favorite. Likewise we are proud to name our flagship beer for our small, but burgeoning hometown. Enjoy a crackery Pilsner malt backbone and crisp Noble hop finish.

Southern Heaven Hefeweizen

Wheat Beer | 5.2% Alc/Vol | 8 IBU

The pleasant flavor of banana and clove-like flavors characteristic of this traditional wheat-beer yeast greet your palate and raise your spirits.

Georgia Red Lager

German-Hopped Red Lager | 5.5% Alc/Vol | 35 IBU

With a color as red as the Georgia earth, this lager showcases new German hop varieties for a sweeter balance of caramel malt and citrus hops.