TKR Pilsner

TKR Pilsner

German-Style Pilsner   |   4.8% Alc/Vol   |   25 IBU

Pilsner is a pale lager created in 1842 by a Bavarian brewer in Plzeƈ (Czech Republic). Our TKR Pilsner features German Noble hops for a crisp bitterness and a smooth finish.

Creating TKR Pilsner was our first passion and one of the driving forces behind Tucker Brewing’s creation. We had a deep love for Pilsners, but noticed that not a lot of craft breweries made them. One of co-owner, Ryan Chapman’s, first beers was the Detmolder Pilsener he tried as an exchange student in Germany.

TKR Pilsner is made with Pilsner malt; Hallertau Merkur, Hallertau Perle and Hersbrucker hops; and Lager yeast.

Our TKR Pilsner is crisp and refreshing and pairs well with spicy food and hot dogs or sausages, as well as lightly-flavored dishes such as grilled fish, soft cheeses, salads and noodles.