Rebel Keller Brown Lager Release

Join us for the release of the third beer in our Kellerbier (Cellar Beer) Series, the Rebel Keller Brown Lager. Food truck and live music, too!

Raw, unfiltered, pulpy, dank. Not a traditional lager you would see on the market today. Since this beer has not been filtered, residual yeast and proteins are still in solution. They act as a web for hop resin and oil giving off a strong hoppy nose and residual bitterness that otherwise cannot be captured in filtered beer. One might encounter a combination of pine, mint and herbs on the nose due to the significant dry hop addition of German Northern Brewer hops.

September 20 @ 16:00
4:00 pm — 10:00 pm (6h)

2003 S Bibb Dr Tucker GA 30084