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Inspired By Tradition

Tucker Brewing Company is a family-owned and -operated brewery that exists to live our passions and share them with others. Every day we take an honest, intuitive approach to developing a solid product and experience through artisan craftsmanship and attention to detail making the highest-quality, primarily lager beers, creating a warm and inviting space and providing world-class service.

Many, though not all, of our beers are German in style and ingredients. Below you will find our current and upcoming beer offerings. Come back soon – and follow us on social media – to find out first about our upcoming seasonal beer releases.

Please note that at our Tasting Room and Beer Garden we also offer soft drinks (Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite), bottled water and complimentary organic juice boxes.


On Tap Now

Lighter Lagers  

Tucker Lager
4.7% ABV, 19 IBU   

Tucker Lager is your go-to, everyday beer! Both sessionable and flavorful, this helles-style lager beer is a Bavarian specialty. Crisp and refreshing like our TKR Pilsner, the Tucker Lager is the perfect balance of sweetness and bitterness, ideal for any occasion. Refreshing light aromas of bread and citrus packed in a frothy head.



TKR Pilsner
4.8% ABV / 33 IBU   

Our TKR Pilsner pours crystal clear and is bright gold in color. Made with all German hops and malt. With floral hop aromas, this lager is endlessly refreshing and finishes smooth with a crisp, Noble hop bitterness.


Lottes Lager
4.6% ABV, 26 IBU   

Pale golden color. This lager was dry hopped with a combination of old-world German hops and new-age American hops delivering a bursting aroma of herbs and sweet fruits. The taste is relatively sweet at first with a crisp, bitter ending. This beer is unique in that a special enzyme was used during the fermentation process to break down the gluten that beer usually contains, resulting in a delicious, gluten-reduced lager beer.

Wheat Beer
Southern Heaven Hefeweizen
5.0% ABV, 8 IBU   

A traditional German wheat beer, our unfiltered Southern Heaven Hefeweizen showcases the flavors and aromas of banana and clove in this classic style. Amber-gold in color with a thick, creamy head, Southern Heaven is smooth and subtly sweet.



Weizen Bock
7.3% ABV, 13 IBU
This is our winter-warmer version of our beloved Southern Heaven Hefeweizen. Everything you get with our hefeweizen…you get double with our Weizenbock. This beer is unfiltered with more yeast/proteins in solution than your standard hefeweizen. It also has more residual sugars, which makes this beer rich, sweet and doughy. During fermentation, the hefeweizen yeast produces a clovey, pepper nose reminiscent of all spice. This beer may get you in the holiday spirit.
Darker Lagers


Barrel-Aged Sir Doppelbock #2 (2020)
9.3% ABV, 18 IBU
Aged in ASW Distillery Tire Fire barrels for 2 months. Scotland is only a jump across the pond, but tonight it’s on tap. This beer resembles more of a peated scotch than a beer. Super big peat and char notes on the nose…kinda like if you were to set grandpa’s old leather couch on fire (please don’t). Don’t be intimidated by the big aromatics, the taste has a matured smoothness with notes of licorice, cherry and lavender. Mouth drying, with considerable bite.

Rebel Keller Brown Lager
7.0% ABV, 40 IBU
Raw, unfiltered, pulpy, dank. Not a traditional lager you would see on the market today. Since this beer has not been filtered, residual yeast and proteins are still in solution. They act as a web for hop resin and oil giving off a strong hoppy nose and residual bitterness that otherwise cannot be captured in filtered beer. One might encounter a combination of pine, mint and herbs on the nose due to the significant dry hop addition of German Northern Brewer hops.


Georgia Red Lager
5.4% ABV, 35 IBU   

An amber, red hue, reminiscent of our beautiful, rich Georgia clay. Our Georgia Red Lager has a bready, caramel nose with mild hints of earthy spice. Sweet taste with clean, moderately bitter finish. Excellent with food.



Burnt Fork Rauchbier
7.0% ABV, 26 IBU   

A festive beer brewed with smoked malts from Bamberg, Germany. In Bamberg, a native would just consider this beer a “lager.” But it’s very different from the lager we know. Dark amber in color with a smoky, campfire aroma. This lager has a full flavor and caramel malt-y-ness with a drying finish.



Mandarina Kölsch Ale
5.3% ABV, 21 IBU   

As the flowers are blooming this spring, so is this beer. Bursting with floral, citrus hop aroma…this Kölsch is a little extra.

The Kölsch German ale has deep roots in Cologne, Germany, going back centuries. An old-world style, we decided to twist with new-world German hops – Mandarina Bavaria and Hallertau Blanc. These hops are descendants of the ever-so-juicy Cascade hop that has been popular in the US over the past 30 years.



4.5% ABV, 9 IBU   

This style – pronounced “GO-zah” – originated in Goslar, Germany, through which the Gose River flows. There is proof that the style dates all the way back to 500 AD.

This funky, German ale has a thick body due to the large portion of wheat used in the malt bill. There is a considerable, yet approachable lactic acid sourness that complements the beer’s solid wheat backbone. Coriander was added after fermentation to deliver a zesty, lemon, citrus spice vibe on the nose. Sea salt was added prior to fermentation as well to offset an overbearingly sweet flavor.

Enjoy yourself today…let Goseanna take you on a journey.