Our Story

Our Story

The Tucker Brewing Company Story

In 1998, my father started his own firm, GPI Group, manufacturing and selling building products. My sister and I joined the company twelve years ago and, since then, have worked hard to continue to grow the business. In 2016, we realized that the company was outgrowing the warehouse space we were renting, so we decided it was time to purchase our own building. When we moved our company into the much larger warehouse on Bibb Drive, I began envisioning a greater use for the extra space, one that had the potential to make a positive impact on the Tucker community.

Looking back, I guess you could say I got an early start in the brewing game. I lived in Germany as an exchange student during both high school and college. On my first trip there, my host student, Anders Thomas – who till this day is a good friend – introduced me to Detmolder Pilsener, the local beer from the small town we lived in. When I got home, my dad and I started brewing beer in our basement and attending meetings of the local brewer’s club.

Now, I won’t say that building products and beer go together, but I do think that Germany and beer go hand in hand. Our new, larger space allowed me to bring these two passions together in hopes of bringing a unique experience to Tucker and, more broadly, to Georgia.

Grateful for the support of my family and friends, I am thrilled to share my love of beer, the craft of brewing and the opportunity for endless socializing over freshly-poured glasses with you as we start this new endeavor together. Cheers!

Ash, Ben & Ryan

Ryan & Anders – 1994

Ryan & Anders – 2018


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