Thomas Muhs

Thomas Muhs

Head Brewer

I started out the same as anyone else that works in brewing really: just as a fan of the art and wanting to try as many beers as possible. While working a full-time job at a non-profit, I began writing reviews of different craft beers for both my blog and another website.

I then got a job as a bartender/server at a small brewpub in Madison, WI called Rockhound Brewing. I somehow convinced the owner and brewmaster, Nate Warnke, to let me take a crack at brewing his recipes. He said yes, and at that point I knew for sure that this was what I wanted to do for a living.

Working at Rockhound gave me the experience to then relocate to Baltimore to work at Heavy Seas Beer where I learned even more about brewing on a large commercial scale and all the different moving parts that need to work together to produce a quality product. And now I’m here at Tucker Brewing getting the opportunity to produce my favorite styles of beer to drink on a regular basis and that’s a very exciting thing.

Favorite Beer Style: German- and Czech-style pilsners, ESBs

Favorite Beer: Of all time? Tough question to answer, but I’ll go with Bells Oberon for nostalgia’s sake.

Few people know that… I used to play hockey